• JIS
    Kajiwara have certified welders according to Japan’s JIS such as JISZ3801, JISZ3821, JISZ3841.
  • Classification Societies
    Kajiwara have been certified by many Classification Societies such as NK, LR, DNVGLAS, BV, KR and have Certified Welders by NK, which required for fabrication of pressure vessels for the Vessels such as Kajiwara Heat Exchangers.
  • Labor Health and Safety Law
    Kajiwara has approval for manufacturing of 17 type Boilers and 19 type First class pressure Vessels according to Industrial Health and Safety Law/ Health and Safety at work act. Having 15 type Welding procedure and certified Welders for Boiler manufacturing.
  • Power Plant
    Manufacturing of Welded Structures of Pressure Vessels for Fossil Power Plant under Electric Utility Industry Law. Having 22 types Welding procedures and Certified Welders.

With above mentioned Certification/ Authorization evidences Kajiwara’s excellence of Welding capability.
With the excellence of skill and experience for welding, Kajiwara can manufacture various products, from General steel structure to Pressure vessel/ Piping, which required certification for factory/ welders by regulation and this can contribute for the customer’s business.