Management Philosophy and Quality/ Environmental Policy

Management Philosophy

We care social rule and principle.
We are always challenging and innovative.
We contribute people and society through pursuing prosperity of employees.

Quality/ Environmental Policy


Through continuous improvement on design/ manufacturing for Industrial equipment, we work on environmental protection and Quality improvement to reduce environmental burden and meet customer’s requirement.

Guideline for action

  1. Continuous improvement
    Use PDCA cycle for Management system operation and continuous improvement.
  2. Pursue the customers’ satisfaction
    1) Pursue the customers’ satisfaction through business activity.
    2) Make full effort to eliminate human error and the customers’ complaint and reduce nonconformity.
  3. Environmental protection and prevent pollution.
    1) Reduce Environmental burden through “3R activity.”
    2) Through renewable energy plant operation, increase use of sustainable resources and contribute to recycle society.
    3) Through Environmental control systems business, contribute wide area prevention of pollution and protection of ecological system.
  4. Compliance for requirement
    We are compliant for law, regulation and requirement from agreeable stake holders and make effort for environmental protection.

January 4th, 2017
Toshiki Kajiwara
CEO and President
Kajiwara Iron Works Co. Ltd.

ISO 9001/ 14001 certified.