KPT system (Pressurized Pneumatic Ash Transportation system)

About KPT system

In general, there are 3 categories for Air related Ash Conveying system as;

  • Vacuum
  • Lower Pressure Pneumatic
  • High Pressure pneumatic

KPT belongs in High Pressure Pneumatic.
(Kajiwara can handle all 3 systems)

Specialty of KPT system
  • Available for many type of fly ash (Waste incineration plant, Coal Fired Boiler, etc.)
  • Long Distance transportation available (up to 400m)
  • Special Bend pipe to prevent ash grinding.
  • Less moisture for Ash.
  • Lower cost compare to Mechanical conveyor.

Our customer’s business area
  • Domestic Steel Mill
  • Waste incineration plant
  • Power Plant
  • Chemical plant provider