Kajiwara Heat Exchanger

About Kajiwara Heat Exchanger

KAJIWARA Heat Exchanger was developed by Swedish company, “SUNROD International AB” and originally “Gadelius K.K.” has imported to Japanese market. It has big advantage as smaller and lighter weight compare to the than traditional “Shell and Tube” heat exchanger because of much higher efficiency and fit with the market demand and becomes popular in Japan. From 1964, Kajiwara start manufacturing and delivered more than 50,000 sets.

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Becomes “Kajiwara Heat Exchanger”
In 2004, Aalborg Industries has transferred authorization to Kajiwara and we have started the complete business for design, manufacturing and sales as “Kajiwara Heat Exchanger”.

Type of Heat Exchanger
Kajiwara Heat Exchanger has 2 types as the heating area structure;

  • Pin tube type
  • Coil tube type