Bag Filter

About Bag Filter

Bag Filter is suitable as Dust collection for Environmental Protection from Exhaust Gas at Incinerators, Boilers etc.
Also Suitable Environmental improvement at Dusty Building for Industrial area.

Specialty of Kajiwara Bag Filter
  • Larger size Pulse Valve
    • available to use longer Filter Bag
    • Smaller Footprint
  • Standardized Multi Chamber type with independent Shut valve for each chamber.
    • Semi-module design for easier Erection
      – shorter period
      – less cost
    • Flexible design from Small size to large. (As our reference, Max: 16,000/m3)
    • Suitable for various kind of Ash Transportation system.
    • Overseas Production to optimize the cost. Kajiwara has many successful overseas production experiences. While、Key parts such as Pressure tank are always manufactured in our own factory in Japan. Overall Domestic production is also available, of course.
      – Kajiwara’s Overseas long term business partners are located in
      ▷ China
      ▷ Taiwan
      ▷ Thailand
      ▷ Vietnam

Major customers area for Kajiwara Bag filter as references.
  • Steel Mills
    • Blast Furnace
    • Electric Furnace
  • Waste Incineration Plant
  • Biomass Power Plant
  • Chemical Plant