Continuous Operation with Perfect Oxidation for Dirty Process Gas

About KJ Thermal Oxidizer (TO)

  • High VOC Destruction Efficiency with Flame Cylinder
  • KJ Tube Heat Exchanger which is development and suitable for Thermal Oxidizer
  • Best Application in Dirty Process such as Including Dust, Tar and Organic Silicone
  • Safety, Continuous and Automatic Operation
  • Heat Recovery System (Steam, Hot Oil and Hot Air) for your Production Facilities (Option)

  • 99%+ Destruction Efficiency
  • Maximum 70% Thermal Exchange Recovery
  • Maximum 1,200Nm3/min capacity
  • Perfect Oxidation not only any VOC but also other harmful gas including HCN, NH3, H2S

  • Carbon Fiber Polyacrylonitrile CF
  • Printing For paper, Can, Metals etc.
  • Coating Dryer Film, Tape, Bakelite etc.
  • Painting Laminate, Color Steel Plate, Car, etc.
  • Any other VOC and Odor process