1915 Mr. Sadakichi Kajiwara started Kajiwara Iron Works as his private business in Himeji city.
Start Manufacturing Pressure Vessel and Boiler
1936 The factory moved to current Head Office Place
1937 Assigned by Navy as the designated factory and manufacture condenser/ Ladle etc.
Assembly/ Finishing factory built.
1944 Machining factory built and machines installed.
1945 Assigned by Ministry of Commerce and Industry as the designated factory for Transportation machine.
1950 Re-organize and register as Kajiwara Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Start manufacturing of Soot Blower.
1956 Canning factory built.
1957 Start manufacturing of Welded fitting. (Currently handled by other company)
1958 Start manufacturing of Cleaning Air tank for Diesel, steel structures, etc.
1963 Start Manufacturing of Engine Bed for Sulzer Diesel Engine.
Open Matsunomoto factory.
1964 Start Manufacturing of Oil Heater (Heat Exchanger)
1967 Start Manufacturing of Exhaust Gas Boiler
1969 Start Manufacturing of Oil Boiler for Vessel.
1971 Open Nakashima factory.
1979 Collecting Plate manufacturing factory built at Nakashima factory.
1983 Wide size Collecting Plate factory built at Nakashima factory.
1984 Achieve ASME Stamp “U” and “UM” (Released in 1998)
1995 Achieve the license for Work of Plumbing, Painting, Thermal Insulation, Steel Structure, Equipment installation.
2004 SUNROD Heat Exchanger (Oil heater) has transferred to Kajiwara.
2005 SUNROD Heat Exchanger has renamed as “Kajiwara Heat Exchanger.”
2010 Accumulated Number of production for Oil Heat Exchanger reached to 3,000 units.
2011 Start manufacturing of Automatic Labeler.
2013 ISO 9001/ 14001 certified.
2014 Started “Kajiwara 100years memorial business”, as our new field.
2018 Inauguration of Kobe Office as the window for VOC deodorizer business.
2019 Inauguration of Tokyo Sales Office to intensify business activity of eastern Japan area.