Automatic Labeler

About Automatic Labeler

The Automatic labeler is used at Steel Mill and other industries for Products indication and logistic purpose. Numbers of machines delivered with the customers’ satisfaction.
The Automatic Labeler is unique Kajiwara original products by our own technology.

Specialty of the Automatic Labeler
  • No operator needed
    --- By Link with upper level computer and other related machine, “No operator” operation is available.
  • Flexibility for products.
    --- Labelling head is highly flexible and fit with the products.
  • Flexible label design.
    --- High capability to fit with various type/ size of labels.
  • Design Flexibility of Machine
    --- Fit with the factory arrangement with smaller space requirement.
  • Safety oriented design with Easy operation

The customer’s business area as Kajiwara’s references.
  • Domestic/ Overseas Steel Plants/ Steel Mills
    Applicable Products types
    (Coil, Bar, Mould Steel Pipes, etc.)


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